Hi! My name is Albert Olivera, and I make video games!

I have been programming for over four years now! (Since March 2010).

I really love what I do, and I have a feeling that I'll be doing it for long time.

I'm currently working on a mobile game project for HoneyVision.

During my free time, I work on my personal project: Universe Edge.

Game Projects

Universe Edge

| November 2013 – Present | www.universe-edge.com | Play Pre-Alpha Build

A game where you can build spaceships, assemble functional equipments, manage its crew and explore the universe.

My current project that I work on my free time. Currently working on it alone. Technical challenges are implementing an optimized procedural mesh that allows different shapes of blocks for building the ships. Atmosphere and Gravity simulation. Multi-level path finding system. Task based artificial intelligence for the crew.

Mad Maze

| September 2011 | Play on Browser

A maze game where you lead a mouse to rescue its friends while avoiding traps.

A collaboration project with a game designer, artist and musician. My role was the programmer. Implemented A* pathfinding, created a maze level editor for the level designer, assembled and bring all the arts and music together. Used C# and Unity3D.


| July 2011 | Play on Browser

A color matching game. Combine three same-colored hexagons.

Implemented a rotating hexagon grid that allows hexagons to fall on six different sides.

Ball Fighters

| March 2011 | Play on Browser

A singleplayer/multiplayer plane dog fighting game. Experimented with Unity's network programming.

Universe Edge: The Solar System

| Feb 2011 | Play on Kongregate.com

A game where you need to build your ship and get past through the solar system against thousands of asteroids.

My first game! :D It was submitted to Unity-Kongregate contest. I ran out of time and wasn't able to polish that much.